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The premier provider of value added dairy products for

consumers in East Africa and beyond.

JESA Farm Dairy is a family owned dairy founded in 1989 by the late Mr. James Mulwana.

From its small beginnings as a local dairy producing only raw milk, JESA has become a home grown, commercial success story and a flagship East African consumer brand.

Today, the JESA brand, with its wide range of fresh, dairy products: namely fresh Pasteurised milk, UHT Milk, Yoghurt, Butter, Fresh Cream and Cream Cheese; has come to symbolise great taste, high quality, and innovation.

JESA Products

Dairy Yoghurts

Everyone’s favourite yoghurts since 2005.

Using premium milk and best quality ingredients our delicious yoghurts are enjoyed across Uganda and beyond.

Our range includes the original Plain Yoghurt, Fruit Yoghurts, Smooth Yoghurts, and our super popular Drinking Yoghurts. The latest addition to the range is our new Lactose-free Yoghurt.


JESA Fresh Milk is the No. 1 fresh milk brand in Uganda.

We also produce UHT Milk and delicious Flavoured Milk that’s enjoyed by all the family.

It all starts on the farm. The milk we sell is produced on our farm as well as by farms that we know and trust. The milk comes straight from the herds to our processing plant where it is processed into delicious products using the latest dairy technology ready to be enjoyed by you.

Butter and Cream

Made from 100% farm fresh milk, our dairy butter contains all the natural JESA goodness. Perfect spread on a warm piece of bread, JESA butter also brings a delicious, dairy flavour to enhance all your favourite dishes.

Our rich cream is not just for special occasions. Great for everyday cooking and baking and for many kitchen recipes, cream also adds some indulgent luxury to your desserts. Just pour a generous helping over your favourite fruits!

Jefreshed Campaigns

With boldness and vitality gained over the last 35 years, we’ve taken on a new look that we feel is more reflective of who we have become. We call it a Jevolution!#JESAJevolution.

Our purpose is to make people confident enough to venture beyond their limits. We do this by stretching the stereotypical view of what is possible and inspiring them to muster the courage and reach for their goals”





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